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I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to develop the winter blues, especially after the holidays are over and January hits.  There’s no winter quite like an Ohio winter.  People are always surprised when I say that, since I’m from Colorado.  But in Colorado, we might get nine feet of snow and then, in a few hours, then sun is shining and people are out and about.  My parents have been know to snow shoe to the grocery store during particularly horrendous winters.  But, what’s different about Ohio is the days, that turn into weeks, when we don’t see the sun.  The cold is unrelenting and everything freezes over for months.  James has learned to help me anticipate such weather.  The other night, we talked about things you can do only in the winter time.  Here’s my list, I’d love to hear some of your winter activities!

1.  Knit.  I mean, you’re not going to want to knit a giant wool scarf in the heat of summer.  These past few weeks I’ve found myself cuddled up with a cup of tea and my knitting needles.  Great knitting inspiration can be found here.

2.  Drink warm beverages.  I love a good iced chai on a hot summer day, but there’s something so heart warming about any kind of warm beverage.  I prefer tea.  Ear grey in the mornings, chai in the afternoons, and a decaffeinated english tea in the evenings.  I also really want to try to make mulled wine.  When I studied abroad in Paris, I loved how you could buy mulled wine pretty much anywhere on the street.  It’s so delicious.  I think I’ll try this recipe.

3.  Play in the snow.  The last few days, we’ve had some of the prettiest snow I’ve almost ever seen.  While James was shoveling the walk, I went out and constructed some snowballs and we attempted to make a snowman.  I might have even completed a snow angel.  It really does make you feel like a kid again.

4.  Pile under the blankets.  There’s nothing cozier than lighting some candles and piling under a few of your favorite blankets.  This can also be combined with activities one and two.  James and I like to do this while watching our favorite shows, like Homeland.  Seriously, it’s the best show ever.

5.  Read and write.  I’ve really gotten into reading in general in my adult years (yikes!)  But it’s harder to think about sitting down with a book when it’s really nice outside.  It’s perfect on a stormy night to curl up in bed with a great book.  I just finished an amazing book called Brewster by Mark Slouka.  I highly recommend it.  I also just purchased a brand new journal.  I used to write so much when I was a teenager and now I have a record of some of the greatest, and hardest, memories in my life.  I’d like to continue that routine and winter provides the perfect backdrop.

6.  Layer.  I love how winter affords some inspired styling opportunities.  I love living in skinny jeans, an oversized sweater with a cute pattern, maybe I’ll throw a vest over that, followed by a fun coat, scarf, mittens, and a hat.  Don’t forget a cute pair of snow boots!  I wouldn’t mind these.

What will you do this winter to keep those cold weather blues away?


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  1. 33 says:

    agree with you on all your fav winter activities. I am only adding one more, sleep. When it’s cold I feel like a bear, just want to hibernate until the winter is over.

    Seriously though, I don’t know how you guys can survive living in cold snowy places. Driving is a nightmare. Walking is dangerous. Keeping the blues out of mind is impossible. And the biggest danger of all is weight gain.

    When it’s cold I just want to wolf down simple carbo (noodle/pasta/rice/potato), sugar (toffee, chocolate, and candy bars), and lots of salty and spicy treats. Every winter I gain weight, no exception. And I live in Los Angeles, the land of perpetual sunshine and warm weather!

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